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We help extend Mobility !

We rethink Mobility and Accessibility Solutions for Work and Travel with affordable state-of-the-art technology products and services facilitating work and travel for the handicapped!

Our Story

Way back in 2018, envisioned as a concept, Handicap Travel was to be India’s first Comforting and Commuting Specialised Facilitator and Aggregator business model that addresses the work and travel needs of the disabled and the elderly with a partially commercial approach, is now focussed on empowering the individuals with Accessibility and Mobility to overcome their Disability. This is a grassroots thinking project to help empower the fraternity. We open up your world to the outside world helping you experience to work and move hassle-free - safe, secure, comfortable and relaxed - with our products and services curated by the disabled, for the differently-able.


Simplifying Life with Technology!

To help create a somewhat better life for the disabled on the move.


Accessibility for All!

To help people create their presence -- exactly the way they want.


Compassion and Care!

Accountability, Honesty, Transparency to build trust and accessibility.


Partial business approach!

We pledge to fulfill our promise building long term relationship and trust.


Every user has a unique need that requires a new solution to improve the qualify of life.

Smart Devices
Assistive Technology
Low Vision Aids

Envisioning a better life for the Disabled!

With strategic alliance between users and products and/or assistive technology and services our objective is to bring the best on a single platform to serve Mankind.

We rely on lower Total Cost of Ownership for the users to build trust and relationship based on honesty, transparency and accountability.

What started as a concept in 2019 and could never take off as a start up, is now a partially commercial business philosophy with a long term perspective.

We will promote products and solution that offer lower total cost of ownership for our customers; products that are robust, dependable and with longer life span.

Magnifiers and Tactile Buttons

Magnifiers and optical devices that enlarge objects or text for better visibility, aiding those with visual impairments. Tactile buttons provide distinct feedback when pressed, benefiting users who require a physical cue for input. Combining magnifiers and tactile buttons in product design enhances accessibility and user experience, allowing visually impaired individuals to read content clearly and interact with devices easily. Inclusive design that considers diverse needs fosters more user-friendly and accessible products, catering to a broader audience.

Talking Devices and LVAs

Talking devices and LVAs (Lov Vision Aids) play crucial roles in accessibility. Talking devices, such as smartphones and watches, utilise speech output to relay information to users, benefiting visually impaired individuals. These devices read aloud texts, notifications, and provide voice-guided navigation. On the other hand, LVAs like magnifiers, telescopes, and CCTV systems, help those with low vision by enhancing visual clarity and object magnification. Both talking devices and LVAs empower people with visual challenges to access information, communicate effectively, and navigate their surroundings with greater independence and confidence, fostering inclusivity and equality in the digital age.

Braille Displays

Braille displays are essential accessibility tools for individuals with visual impairments. These devices convert digital text into Braille characters, enabling users to read and access information through touch. A typical Braille display consists of a series of small pins that dynamically change position to form Braille characters as the text is read. Users can connect Braille displays to computers, smartphones, or other devices to access written content, emails, texts, and more. By providing tactile representation of text, Braille displays empower people with visual challenges to engage with digital information, participate in education, employment, and communication, promoting inclusivity and independence.

Screen Reading Software

Screen reading software is a vital assistive technology designed for individuals with visual impairments. This software converts on-screen text and elements into synthesised speech or Braille output, allowing users to access digital content, applications, and web pages. It reads aloud emails, documents, and web pages, providing auditory cues for navigation. Users can also interact with their devices through keyboard commands or voice input. Screen reading software empowers visually impaired individuals to engage with computers and mobile devices, access information, and participate in education, work, and social activities. Its versatility and accessibility contribute significantly to fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities in the digital world.

Text to Speech Systems

Text-to-Speech (TTS) systems are transformative technologies that convert written text into synthesised speech. These systems use sophisticated algorithms and natural language processing to create human-like vocal output. TTS technology finds extensive applications, including accessibility solutions, for individuals with visual impairments, audiobooks, language learning, and voice assistants in smart devices. TTS enhances digital accessibility by enabling the reading of web pages, emails, and documents, fostering inclusivity. Moreover, it aids in language understanding and pronounciation for language learners. With continuous advancements, TTS systems are becoming more natural-sounding and versatile, opening new horizons in communication, education, and entertainment.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology refers to a broad range of tools, devices, and software designed to support individuals with disabilities and special needs. These technologies aim to enhance their independence, communication, mobility, and overall quality of life. Examples include screen readers and magnifiers for the visually impaired, hearing aids for those with hearing loss, mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers, communication devices for non-verbal individuals, and specialised software for cognitive and learning disabilities. Assistive technology empowers people to access information, participate in education, employment, and social activities, breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity, ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities and access to a more fulfilling life.

Reason to Buy from Us

70% of our net profit from every sale will be contributed to buying a product for the Disabled who cannot afford but needs it.

प्रत्येक बिक्री से प्राप्त शुद्ध लाभ का 70% हिस्सा उन विकलांग व्यक्तियों के लिए उत्पाद खरीदने में लगाया जाएगा जो इसे खरीदने में असमर्थ हैं, लेकिन उन्हें इसकी ज़रूरत है।

Donations from public and corporate will be spent for distributing products tor the Disabled who cannot afford but needs it.

जनता और कॉर्पोरेट से प्राप्त दान को उन विकलांगों के लिए उत्पादों के वितरण पर खर्च किया जाएगा जो इन्हें खरीदने में असमर्थ हैं, लेकिन उन्हें इनकी ज़रूरत है।

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